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Les Posters est arrive!


copyright Guy Parker-Rees 2008

Excuse the lack of an accent on the school-girl french above. Don’t know how to put one in when in blog land.

However, yes, the posters with Guy Parker-Rees’ lovely pictures are here and ready for display around our environs.

Front windows would be lovely places to put them up. But if you are feeling coy, print one and put it somewhere else to remind you to come along on the day.


All you have to do is open up the document (PDF) choose a poster and print that page only. Unless you want all four! (Ignore page 5 – that’s for something else entirely and was scanned into the document in error!)


copyright Guy Parker-Rees 2008


Make mine a Pimms, darling


We’ve sent out a letter asking for volunteers for the Advent Fair. To make life easier, if you want to fill it in on line, try clicking advent-fair-volunteers-blog-download

Then you can email it back if you like to here.

Chin, chin

Happy New Year!

One of the consequences of being involved in organising stuff for the FBA is that major annual events always seem to seep into my consciousness long before it is right and proper.

fireworksBut it will indeed be a happy new year because BISA have decided to rearrange their firework display for January 10 2009 so we can see the new year in with a bang and a whizz and a pop and a whoosh and so forth.

We’ll be putting another flyer out around the Junior school so everyone can join in by buying a ticket and enjoying the fun – it really is much more than the display – there’s food, a bar and lots of space to watch.

And I get to wear a lovely yellow jacket and shine my torch in people’s eyes and boss them around in the name of health and safety. Well, my kids never do what they’re told – it’s my one moment in the year to feel in charge!

What a bunch of posters


On emptying the contents of his drawer at the end of term, one Balfour student's family was forced to abandon their home due to amount of letters he eventually brought back. An environmental health officer said: 'Gosh.'

With a bit of luck your child just may perhaps have brought home a poster for you to stick in your window about the Advent Fair. Great for colouring in and if you don’t fancy putting it on public display, it will adorn your fridge, noticeboard, fruit bowl (or wherever this stuff gets put) and remind you to come along with your spending money on the 29th.

Also on the little message attached was the promise to have colour ones to download at your end should the fancy take you. These will be on here as soon as possible so please check back before the end of the week (why not visit everyday?!). There are four lovely designs based around Guy Parker-Rees’ six cheeky Advent Fair characters. There’s a monkey, a pig, two animal tree decorations – a mouse and a penguin – plus another penguin with a snow penguin friend.

And me, I’ve got myself a banner for the fence but was too pathetic to struggle to put it up today. If you should see a woman wearing 6ft of wet white vinyl lying on the pavement outside the school tomorrow however having been knocked sideways by a sudden blast of wind, please help pick me up.

Damp squib

tornadoSo sad that the weather means the fireworks at the Infants aren’t going ahead tonight but the north wind doth blow and all that. Or is it south? Or west? Whatever it is, it’s WINDY!

This is one of BISA’s biggest fund raisers and I hope everyone can still go along to the event once it gets rescheduled. We did chat at one point about BISA and the FBA doing some mutual advertising for each other’s events. Once your kiddies all leave the Infants, you may not get to hear about the fun stuff they have going on up the hill so I will put out a reminder to the Juniors when Lucy at the infants has a new date. If you did not get a chance to put yourself forward to help tonight with marshalling or boiling hotdogs and would like to give BISA a hand on the new date when we know what it is, send us an email and I’ll put you in touch with the organisers at the Infants.

It’s a lottery!


According to the Brighton and Hove City Council, our innocent sounding raffle is actually a lottery. You need a license to run one of these. Although it sounds scary official, it is really just a plain old fashioned raffle. In the next day or so, we will be sending out our (fully licensed) raffle tickets for you to buy/sell.

There are truly some wonderful prizes this year. The biggest and top prize comes from the supremely generous Baker Street Bikes. Guess what it is!

Make sure that money and ticket stubbs are back with us via the black post box on the left  hand side of the outer lobby bit of the entrance by end of school pick up on Friday 28th November. Any later than that and we may miss them in the hurly burly of setting up the fair.

So if it’s a lottery, to coin a phrase – it could be you. But only if you enter the raffle!

Search the web and raise money for charity

Dates for your diary:

Friday 15th May is Quiz day! Well, evening. Get yourself a team together and get on down to the dining hall for 7.30. (Kick off around 8.00)

We need…

Why not…

Sign up to help with the FBA events - we've got the Summer Fair to plan and lots more to do before the end of this school year. Send as an email: or just click on the contact bit up there ^
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It is truly wonderful the way that local businesses and those run by Balfour parents come up with brilliant ways to support our ventures.

If you would like to help out with prizes, donations and so forth in exchange for a warm fuzzy glow in your heart and your name on our leafelts and so forth, get in touch via the contact bit at the top.

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