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Don’t dis the balaclavas!

Another message about how much we need YOU on Tuesday 14th October at 7.00 in the Dining Hall. If only to smile at us sweetly and not even offer any help. Just some moral support would make the FBA committee very happy. Would just like to thank the committee members for posing for the images that have no doubt inspired you to attend next week via the letter we sent out. I hear there is still wine maybe left over from the Quiz. Strange but true. This will  be served in small plastic cups on said date.

Rob Bowden

Rob Bowden (above) was elected as chair while distracted. He is delighted nonetheless to take on this honorous/onerous role.

Charlotte and Kendra

Charlotte and Kendra

Charlotte Clowe and Kendra Stonehouse, (above) while not officially on the committee are always there to make things go in a nice way with good ideas and smily faces if the former don’t quite go the way of loveliness.

NIna is already counting her floats. Essential preparation considering the condition of the bar staff on the day. Emphasis on staff I hope come the big day. Everything in 50ps and nice round £1s. What can possibly go wrong? (right)

Robert Middleton-Paine agreed recently, after having been bought a drink by Rob Bowden, that as a man, he was needed on the FBA committee to make Rob feel less lonely. So a job was invented. Robert MP (Below) is now the social secretary.

And there's the me, the writer of these missives. Clad in yarn and looking a bit sinister, I look forward to seeing you, through the small eye-slot in my balaclava on the 17th October at 7.00 in the dining hall.

And there's me, my hands clad in yarn while typing this but very much looking forward to seeing you, through the small eye-holes in my balaclava on Tuesday 17th October 2008 at 7.00 in the dining hall.


So this is Christmas?

Clearly not quite yet. It’s time however to start planning for our seasonal spectacular.

Who will be this year's scary santa? volunteers welcome

Who will be this year's scary Santa? Volunteers welcome

The event itself will be on Saturday November 29. Reluctant to use the C word too loudly and proudly in November, we are calling it an Advent Fair. (Reference to the idea that December is the Advent month not as free advertising for the large VW dealership in Hove.)

The reason for not having it in December is that the only dates available were too late and we have a cunning plan: if it is  early, people will turn up and buy lots of lovely Christmas presents and decorations at the fair and not at Harrods/Asda/B&Q.

Don’t worry though, the latter two retailers will get plenty of custom from our good selves by way of food, lights and elf costumes.

The first meeting for anyone who wants to come along and take on a tiny bit of organising will be in the dining hall on Tuesday October 14.

AGM 2008

Our AGM will be on Thursday October 2. Kick off at 7.00 in the staffroom – just come to the front door. However, if you want to avoid the boring bits, come along at 7.30. We’ll be done with the bureaucracy by then.

"I say we have four Santas. Fewer than that will just lead to disappointment."

"I say we have four Santas. Fewer than that will just lead to disappointment."

From 7.30 we will have a good old discussion about what to do  next (me thinks it might involve Christmas) and how we are going to organise the event.

The Agenda will go something like this:

1. Welcome and hello

2. Apologies (for not  being there – not for outrageous behaviour on the Quiz Night)

3. Election of committee

4. Agreeing the minutes of the last AGM/Matters Arising

5. Reports: Chair; Treasurer; Secretary; anyone else… BFB perhaps?

6. Auditing the return of the Summer Fair raffle.

7. Welcome and hello to the sensible people who turned up late/light refreshments…

8. Quiz night debrief/counselling

9. Christmas Fair – how, who, where, when, what?

Quiz Night 2008!

Make mine a crate - Lou and pals drink the bar dry

Make mine a crate - Lou and pals drink the bar dry

The FBA Quiz Night on Friday September 26 saw over 70 parents, members of staff and friends pack out the dining hall to make this the best Balfour Juniors Quiz Night ever.

Although the staff teams really could have done better, they approached the whole thing with enthusiasm and endless optimism which are clearly important qualities in a teacher. Well done Mrs Cooper, Mr Jones, Mrs Canes et al.

The prize – possession of the FBA Picasso Quiz Cup for 12  months or until it disintegrates, whichever is sooner – went to the team called Where’s Steve? We have no idea if he turned up to take a share in the glory.

Mr Ferber keeping things in order

Mr Ferber keeping things in order

The cup was forged by one of the FBA committee when we realised that the mythical Cleveland Cup had not surfaced. The name Picasso Cup gives an idea of its artistic style. The Cleveland Cup is apparently in someone’s sister’s bedroom. If anyone happens to know whose or wheres, that would be interesting to hear about.

The search is over but Steve, is he still missing? Where's Steve gloat in front of the score board

Where's Steve gloat over the score board

The final result was a close run thing. Kelly’s Opus Day was in the lead for a long, long time. But some very rude answers to the caption round led to the final results. I would love to reproduce the captions here, but we are a family centred-organisation you know! I can’t even publish the picture for fear of offending.

I couldn't dance for another. One team heard 'club  night' instead of quiz night. Theywere not alone

I couldn't dance for another. Some participants heard 'club night' not 'quiz night'. At least they aren't dancing on the chairs, eh Lou?

Mr Ferber did an extremely good job of compering. Comparing the players to those he teaches mainly. He certainly keeps a very tight ship. Ofsted should have been there. They would have given him an ‘excellent’. We did. Although our profuse ‘thank yous’ to our favourite Liverpudlian Balfour Juniors teacher were heard best when we were holding out a few bottles of beer for him to take home.

Make mine a Khol Rhabi.

Make mine a Khol Rhabi.One Misfit wishes she had joined a different team

The Misfits lived up to their title and came last. They did not walk away empty handed. For them, a Kohl Rhabi was awarded and I noted before leaving that this had been put in the staffroom for all to enjoy next week.

Leadership is often about sitting back and lettingothers take the glory

Leadership is often about sitting back and letting others take the glory. This was the case on Friday

And the final scores on the doors? We had a great time and raised a magnificent £386.43. This should keep the staff in caviar for a while. If you have a better idea about how we spend this, come along to the AGM on Thursday October 2.

Thank you to all who turned up and made the night such a success. Particular thanks go to Mr Ferber for being compere extraordinare; Suzy Borenius for the best heckle of the evening; Mrs Latham’s brother for his cheeky humour; Mr Marle for being Mr Marle; and Robin Fitzgibbon from Infinity Foods for stocking the very well attended bar; Chris Bowden for going on the late-night ASDA run; and of course our serving wenches – Kendra Stonehouse and Charlotte Clow.

Search the web and raise money for charity

Dates for your diary:

Friday 15th May is Quiz day! Well, evening. Get yourself a team together and get on down to the dining hall for 7.30. (Kick off around 8.00)

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