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Make mine a Pimms, darling


We’ve sent out a letter asking for volunteers for the Advent Fair. To make life easier, if you want to fill it in on line, try clicking advent-fair-volunteers-blog-download

Then you can email it back if you like to here.

Chin, chin


Guy Parker-Rees is the Advent Fair’s official artist

World famous, nay, in fact, universally recognised children’s book illustrator and Balfour dad has provided us with wonderful pictures for our publicity for the advent fair.

We are overwhelmed with thanks for the man who made giraffes dance and dinosaurs rumpus and who fills our bedtimes with joy. When reading to our children of course.

Copyright Guy Parker-Rees 2008

Check out his website and you will recognise his work at a glance. You can make the pics move around on the home page if you wiggle your mouse over them. Very entertaining.

Keep your eyes peeled for his beautiful, energetic and cheeky pics on the posters you will at some point be asked to put in your windows. Adding these to your facade will be nothing less than home improvement.

So this is Christmas?

Clearly not quite yet. It’s time however to start planning for our seasonal spectacular.

Who will be this year's scary santa? volunteers welcome

Who will be this year's scary Santa? Volunteers welcome

The event itself will be on Saturday November 29. Reluctant to use the C word too loudly and proudly in November, we are calling it an Advent Fair. (Reference to the idea that December is the Advent month not as free advertising for the large VW dealership in Hove.)

The reason for not having it in December is that the only dates available were too late and we have a cunning plan: if it isĀ  early, people will turn up and buy lots of lovely Christmas presents and decorations at the fair and not at Harrods/Asda/B&Q.

Don’t worry though, the latter two retailers will get plenty of custom from our good selves by way of food, lights and elf costumes.

The first meeting for anyone who wants to come along and take on a tiny bit of organising will be in the dining hall on Tuesday October 14.

Search the web and raise money for charity

Dates for your diary:

Friday 15th May is Quiz day! Well, evening. Get yourself a team together and get on down to the dining hall for 7.30. (Kick off around 8.00)

We need…

Why not…

Sign up to help with the FBA events - we've got the Summer Fair to plan and lots more to do before the end of this school year. Send as an email: or just click on the contact bit up there ^
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A word from our ‘sponsors’:

It is truly wonderful the way that local businesses and those run by Balfour parents come up with brilliant ways to support our ventures.

If you would like to help out with prizes, donations and so forth in exchange for a warm fuzzy glow in your heart and your name on our leafelts and so forth, get in touch via the contact bit at the top.

Here are some of our generous supporters:

Baker Street Bikes
Ginger Lilly
Star Signs

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